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uh huh that's right

tell me

I listened to them for the first time in a long time. Since my burned cd is scratched i never pull it out because of the annoyance of skipping. BUT i was so much in teh mood. And, just now, i realized Les Savy Fav was the very first headliner band i ever saw at a show.
When are they touring or are they? I haven't kept up with anything so i havent paid attention.
k bye
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Unless you want to go to tokyo to see them
they are settling into retirement as we speak
omg that was our first show holy shit i want to c them too
I have the best polaroid of Tim at a show in Chicago.
He was taking them of himself and threw this one out and it landed right in front of my face and my friend was also in reaching distance and we both grabbed at the same time and I won. It's on my wall.
And than Tim jumped into the audience and made everyone lay on the ground and he grabbed me, as I was next to him, and I layed on his sweaty chest. It was great. I've been to quite a few shows and I just hate it that they won't be coming around. Makes me want to cry.