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I funny excerpt i found

Lifter Puller singer/guitarist Criag Finn, now lyricist for The Brokerdealer, sums up everything he has to say about Les Savy Fav in this anecdote:

"We played with them in Detroit at this club called the Gold Dollar," Craig says. "The first band, a local band, was playing to a pretty much empty room. As part of their set, this band was auctioning off items from their living room. They attempted to get the bidding going on a lamp. 'Do I hear one dollar? Would anybody want to buy this lamp for one dollar…?' No takers. Finally, Tim Harrington, frontman for Les Savy Fav, stands up and gives him a dollar and takes the lamp…

"Tim brought the lamp back to the Les Savy Fav merch table and put a Les Savy Fav sticker on the lampshade. Later that evening the club was full and the band was putting on a typically amazing show. Tim pulls out the very same lamp and says, 'Who wants to buy a Les Savy Fav lamp for $10?' He sold it immediately to a guy in the front row."

Also on another note what does Tim say at 2:46 in "Obsessed with the Excess"? "We're trading our eyeballs for ......."
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